Saturday, 18 May 2013

Pic of the Week 17(18).5.2013

Ok ok, I'm ten hours late and I'm going to blame the family a little.

I'm sure everyone is aware of all the bugs going around at the moment and for those of you out there with kids, you will know that your family becomes a magnet for all things ill. I'v had a stomach bug over the weekend that ended up in having to cancel a shoot and now my son has just gone down with it. Add the fact that being two and a half he has never thrown up before (unless you count milk as a baby) and you can imagine how upset he has been. So family life and illness has taken over this week which is why we have a family themed pic of the week.


The latest addition to our little family is the beautiful silver tabby called Jiji. He is 8/9 weeks old and settling right in. As you can see, he has already found our wifi and is currently clogging the bandwidth. And if you're wondering about the name then you haven't and clearly need to check out "Kiki's delivery service"


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